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this game is no longer in development, we're pouring all resources into JubbLands.

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Crafted Camaraderie, an RPG with building elements.

What's it the package so far?

  • Roaming merchants
  • 3 weapons
  • Mine and use resources to build stuff
  • Voice work by kaiyalora (you can find her on

What'll be the story?

Long ago, there was a kingdom bustling with life. This great city was ruled by Miss and Sir Williams. The pair had two children, princess Jetta, and prince Jubb. Jubb didn’t enjoy being a prince, his desire was to be an adventurer. He often wandered off into the wilds surrounding the castle, little did he know that his passion would save his life.

One fateful night, beasts and beings of darkness ravaged the castle and village whilst he was venturing… He came back to his homeland… decimated, not a single living soul in sight.

Jubb has always kept a secret up his sleeve, however, he didn’t expect a use for it so early. While raiding abandoned ruins, Jubb pocketed the sacred Ankh Key; a dagger with the ability to absorb and transfer souls… With great hesitation, he gives himself a swift swipe. He feels an uneasy calm engulf his insides, the dagger glows with might. He slowly stumbles over to Jetta, hoping to bring light to her long-gone gaze with this relic. Something- unexpected happens, her body and the blade become one?! She must have still had mana running through her, the relic became a blade, with an entrancing crimson glow.

Without reason to stay, he and his trusty new blade once more go off to seek fortune and danger, this time for good.

Now, he shall now journey north, to find whoever brought such great destruction to his lands.


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On Sale!
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$3.00 $0.00 USD or more

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